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A New Food Management System for Österreichische Mensen Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H

Our Client “Österreichische Mensen”

Organic, locally sourced produce and sustainability are part of the mission statement of Österreichische Mensen. Their daily business is to provide meals for about 20,000 guests at 60 locations. Students in 8 Austrian states are offered high quality meals at very reasonable prices.

Österreichische Mensen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH was awarded the Austrian Ecolabel, and the Austrian Organic Produce Certificate as well as MSC and ASC certifications for sustainable fishing practices. It is the only company where all locations were awarded for their joint sustainability concept.

The Challenge

The team of 460 employees set themselves the highest standards for their  everyday work. Straightforward, transparent processes from purchasing and menu planning to production are important for achieving this goal. This requires adequate software, and soon, a material management system was introduced to support them to ensure their goal is achieved. However, after a few years of business operation it became obvious that the system lacked features for working in greater detail. Therefore, Österreichische Mensen started looking for a new Food Management System which would fulfill their specific needs.

The solution

One of the key criteria was that recipe management and menu planning can be controlled centrally while each of the 60 locations can still use regional vendors as well as independent pricing and calculate their Cost of Sales individually. Our customer also wished for menu plans and recipes to still be adaptable for each location in order to acknowledge regional specifics. Another focus was put on Cost of Sales calculations per site, which their previous system did not support. Our product suite fulfils all these requirements effortlessy. The adoption of an already existing vendor interface proved to be very helpful to set up automated exchange of item information including food label data, orders and delivery notes (EDI) with our Partner EDITEL. Transfer of data had already been taken over during an earlier phase of the project.

The full scope of our Delegate Food Service Solution went live at the end of 2019. Our client’s future plan is to use the Delegate suite for their private and company catering division as well, and thus record all goods movements values in the system.

Quote of DDr. Franz Haslauer –
CEO Österreichische Mensen Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H


Key Benefits

– Electronic exchange of item data, orders and delivery notes
– Automatic transfer of Food Labeling Data
– Centralized purchasing with a focus on regional suppliers
– Standardized Menu Plans which can be adapted for individual locations
– Automatic Distribution of Menu Plans
– Precise Cost of Sales calculations for each location
– Centralized production combined with delivery logistics at selected
– Seamless integration of ventopay POS system, our business partners
– Easy integration of EDI interfaces owing to our close cooperation with



EDITEL Austria is a leading provider of EDI solutions (Electronic Data Interchange), and specializes in optimization of goods purchasing processes from ordering to invoice processing (exchange of electronic orders, delivery notes, invoices etc.).

With its EDI-Service eXite®, EDITEL offers all-round solutions for the hotel and catering sector, ranging from a cost-efficient and simple to use webbased EDI Portal to fully integrated solutions for larger companies.


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