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Add Reason why components not consumed in Intake Tracking

New in Version 14.20

When a patient rejects and does not consume a meal component, their dietitians need to learn the reason for this rejection. This is especially important in case when a patient is on certain diets that require prescribed nutrient intake or patient weight / intake / nourishment is monitored
due to other medical reasons.

The reason for non-consumption might be that e.g. patient did not like the ordered component or it was delivered cold instead of hot, or consistency / flavour / seasoning was not as desired. Clinic staff need to document this in detail to enable dietitians to analyse the situation. We now offer a Module to record the reason for non-consumption of meal components. Users can document rejection reasons in the reason catalogue module in a fast and simple process.

Reasons for non-consumption of meal components can be configured in Patients Service Web Client Intake Tracking Module as well as in Mobile Meal Ordering application.