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Batch Printing for Round List, Scan Forms, Delivery Notes and Container Labels

New automated Print Jobs

How Do you handle such a lot of print jobs?

In daily operations a great number of Printouts is required (Tray Cards, Kitchen Lists, Delivery Notes, Rounds Lists, Scan Forms…).

The larger the hospital or organization is, the more printouts are needed on a daily basis and the number of job runs can be endless. It is therefore often requested that Print Jobs run automatically without user interaction in order to prevent mistakes or not to miss printouts required for a Meal Time.

Our Enhancement

Previously, it was not possible to enable Batch Printing for Patients Service daily reports of type Rounds Lists, Scan Forms, Delivery Notes or Container Labels.

The functionality has therefore been enhanced and users can now use the Batch Print option for these.

A cost center filter can be applied for the Rounds Lists so that users will only create batch prints for their required cost centers.

For Scan forms, only “Personalized-Batch” mode of Scan Form print will be available for configuration. Users can also define an offset to determine how many days in advance of the target day the Rounds List and Scan Forms will be printed.

How does it work?

For example:

The Batch Job “Scan Form” is set to run weekly on Sunday with an Offset of “1” and Duration of “7”. This results in 7 days of scan forms printed for every Patient that is in scope starting from Monday until Sunday (Mo, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fr, Sat, Sun).

The “Cross-Date Scan Form” option is activated, and the Scan Form is configured to begin with Dinner of one day and then consider breakfast and lunch of the next day.

In our example it would mean that the breakfast and lunch for the next Monday will be printed as well. This is used for those organizations that operationally need to take the Patients Meal Order today for Today’s Dinner and Tomorrow’s Breakfast and Lunch.

Automate to improve the workflow

With the new Batch Print Automation jobs you’ll be able to stay on top of all the forms, lists and labels. This allows for a higher degree of flexibility and helps to prevent mistakes or omissions.