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Be a Food-Service Superhero

Start Saving Money

Throw away your crystal ball – start with predictive cost center ordering


Food Service Director

In your patient dining room, either patient dining room or behavioural health situations, forecasting relies solely on your employees’ gut-feeling and that, often, is a very bad indicator. The result is overproduction and thus unnecessary waste.

With Delegates new predictive forecasting functionality calculated order quantities will be applied based on orders that have been taken and delivered in the past. This gives the Chefs a much more accurate list of what needs to be produced. Resulting in less production waste, reducing spend and saving you money.

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Don’t flush money down the toilet!

Accounts payables manager

Tired of chasing after your invoice approvers, to really collect those hard-earned cash-discounts? In most organizations invoice cash discounts are easily lost due to operational shortcomings. And having to pay full price on something a much better price has been negotiated for is, in essence, throwing money down the drain!

With Delegates cash-discount reminder you can now help those busy approvers by sending an email notification that they have outstanding invoices to approve. More approved invoices within vendor payment terms equals more cash discounts gained equals more money in your bank!

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Food Safety

HACCP compliance made easy

Food Safety Officer

To be in line with food safety regulations (HACCP) many store-men and goods-recipients rely on old error-prone methods like taking food-temperature with a manual thermometer, entering the value on the delivery note and at some point (even days!) later transcribe it into a software system or onto paper records. The downsides: Notes get lost, transcription errors happen, and all in all, the process is simply to laborious, unreliable and cannot be audited easily.

With the new Bluetooth temperature measuring integration, say goodbye to manual processes and interventions. Temperature readings are automatically transmitted to the application without any risk of incorrect transcribing. In addition, once the need for an audit arises, it takes you only a simple click to provide all relevant information to your auditor proving that you are HACCP compliant.

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