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Be a Food-Service Superhero

Read how Delegates Release 15.20 adds to your superhero powers!


Spend quality time with your patients, not with your food service system!

Patient Service Manager, Food Service Manager

During conversational ordering with your patient, either in a room-service call centre scenario or at the patient’s bedside, finding the patients food choice amongst the multitude of options you have available can be difficult. This distracts you from you patient as you are solely are focused on the software. Delegate helps you to focus on your patients with a new and easy way to search as you type. This speeds up the process, giving you more face-time with your patients.

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Don’t be tied to the printer!

Chefs and Kitchen managers…

…usually create their Menu Plans for a specific period – often a business quarter – well in advance. This means for example that for one quarter the Menu Plan Cycle contains 12-14 weeks which normally means you would have to print each week independently which unnecessarily takes a huge amount of time and effort. This can also lead to mistakes or confusion.

With the new Menu Plan Print Enhancement from Delegate, you are now able to select a time period of your choice, which will then be printed in one go. Allowing you to get on with more important tasks in your operation.

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