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Changed License Model – Version 12.20

Changed Licensing Model

As already reported in our news section around September 2017, we have changed the licensing model with the new version 12.20

With Version 12.20 the Licensing Model has been rearranged. Instead of the previous used “etc.dll” License-File the new “etc_new.dll” License-File will be needed. The existing Licenses have been rearranged into more meaningful groups. However, the User Right Settings will be backed up so that in case of a forgotten License, the current settings won’t be lost.

Please note that we will no longer provide an empty Test-License during the installation to grant access to MMS Base functions, so the new License-File has to be available at the time of the installation. Please communicate a planned update to version 12.20 as soon as possible to your Delegate Projects & Services team so that the new License-File can be checked twice before it will be delivered.

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