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CO2 data at the push of a button at Apleona HSG Culinaress


Our client Apleona HSG Culinaress is running a trend-setting project since March at the location Taufkirchen around Munich. With the concept {FoodPRINT} the customer provide all table guests the option to experience the CO2 foot print for each offered meal. They can view this directly via the Culinaress app or the menu plan and receive a direct statement about the climate impact of their food.

The database of the Swiss Eaternity AG is a prerequisite for the calculation of the CO2 foot print. It includes more than 550 ingredients and other parameters for organic or greenhouse production as well as for processes, packaging and conservation. The calculations with Eaternity include all emissions from the entire production chain.

One year ago, we established an interface between Eaternity and our inventory management system to enable the CO2 data exchange based on the menu plan. Delegate is not only used for purchasing, but also for the complete procurement process, for the incentive offer, the preparation of the menu plan and the calculation. The Culinaress app for the guests is also based on master data from our system and that’s why the basis was ideal for a quick implementation of the topic.

You can find the complete article and the interview with Mr. Pilger in the last issue 04/2018 of the Catering Management magazine.


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