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Reworked Search Dialog on mobile devices No Comments

Life’s a journey, not a destination
But sometimes you just need the right result…

Inventory Counts on mobile devices

Mobile devices have made inventory counts much easier: finally, no more paper lists that first have to be printed, then filled out, and in the end typed back into the system. Barcode scanners make this work easier, but they are pricey and not the right solution for everyone. Therefore, many businesses use regular mobile devices for this purpose. Our new feature makes inventory processes on mobile devices so much easier.

Key benefits at a glance:

saves time through faster and more accurate search results
increases flexibility and user-friendliness
optimizes existing workflows

Feature24What we did:

We expanded our Mobile Solution application to include functions especially helpful for mobile devices without Barcode scanner. We paid particular attention to redesigning the sorting and search functions so that a wide variety of items can be selected and entered in as few steps as possible.

Whether searching for items only within a storage location, an item group, or even across the entire stock – we’ve got you covered.

Search for articles anytime and anywhere

You are now free to choose at any time whether an item is to be searched only in a specific storage location and/or in a specific item group, or in the entire stock. This does not even require opening a separate search page, it works directly from within an open inventory. And even the filters matching the inventory are already preselected.

How it works:

Click the search icon, edit the filters as desired, and all corresponding items will be listed for selection. Now all you have to do is to click the right one. That’s it – only scanning is faster. And of course, the storage locations and the item
groups are displayed for the results if necessary.


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AD/LDAP Authentication for Mobile Devices in Offline mode No Comments

Protect sensitive data with automatic logout in case of inactivity, even when offline

Not again a new Password!

Data protection and digital access control is important and a strong password is the way to go. But we all know the challenge: So many apps, so many user IDs and passwords. And at some point it becomes too much for the User. They use passwords several times, or write them down for everyone to see. And thus undermine the best safety concept. But fear not – we added some cool new options such as AD/LDAP Authentication to our Mobile Device solutions:

“Mobile Solution” and “Offline Meal Ordering” both now support log in with Windows User ID and Password for existing Windows domain users! This means that users can simply use the credentials they are familiar with without compromising on security. After all, us humans are creatures of habit. We like our trusted routines.

Key benefits:

Protect sensitive data
Prevent unauthorized usage by automatic logout
Convenient use of the familiar Windows ID and PW
Works even when working offline


No connection? No problem!

As an added benefit, we also support offline login with AD/LDAP . This means that once a user logged in successfully while the device is online, the encrypted credentials will be stored locally on the device. All subsequent logins to Mobile Solution application will be possible offline with those locally stored credentials on this device. This means that nothing stands in the way of using AD/LDAP credentials even in places without a reliable Wifi connection.

Offline authentication with AD/LDAP can be enabled or disabled in a global configuration, just as your organization requires.

Automated logout: A surefire way to improve Application Security and Data Safety

We also added a global setting for automatic logout to our Mobile Device Management. On the respective device Users will be logged out of the application after the inactivity time limit you set expires. This way the data remains protected even if the device is accidentally left behind, e.g. during a break. This setting can be overruled for individual power users who like to hang on to their device all day.

We all know the importance of data security. In the field of Healthcare, for example, you first and foremost want to protect sensitive data. When a device is left logged in lying around somewhere, someone could easily browse through the Application. Devices are lying around sometimes, that’s just a fact. With an automated logout time limit set, you can be sure to keep prying eyes away from sensitive data.

And that’s not limited to healthcare data. For example, also in warehousing pricey stock, better have the device logout automatically before non-authorized persons give it a go, …

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Re-ordering after Diet Change No Comments

Reliable and diet-compliance catering for patients at all times

Patient safety starts with the right food!

Patient safety is essential for any healthcare provider, so there are always different safety systems and strategies in place to prevent harm to patients. Nutrition and risk mitigation being the major topics here, which is why our software offers extensive settings and functions for optimum control. You now have a new option available to respond to short-term diet changes, because consuming the wrong type of food or missing out on a meal may cause serious risks for patients.

Key benefits at a glance:Feature21

– improved Patient safety
– free up personnel for other tasks
– Patient’s nutritional supply is ensured

Check for harmful components and …

In previous versions the system checked a patient’s orders for compliance with the new requirements in the event of a diet change. Then – depending on the setting – it cancelled the entire order (or problematic components only) in case of violation of the new diet. The order would then be re-completed by staff, but this tied up resources and meant another task for the personnel. Theoretically, there was even the possibility that a patient would not receive a meal at all because no one had taken care of the reordering.

… automatically replace removed meals and components

That’s why we’ve enhanced our software to not only remove non-suitable meals or components, but also to automatically replace them with new, diet appropriate ones. In the extended “Diet Change Settings” it is now possible to define in detail if and how already placed meal orders should be modified in case of diet changes. The selected logic is then applied not only in Web Client, but also to ORM (diet) message processing and, of course, it also affects meal orders made in Mobile Meal Ordering.

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Improved Mobile Meal Ordering User Experience and UI Design No Comments

Smart and user friendly in form and function

Fine feathers make fine birds

Every era has its style, and every fashion has its expiration date. Whether it’s carrot jeans, bell-bottoms or leggings – each of them serves the same purpose, but not all of them fit the trend at the moment. So every now and then you should go through your closet and see what has to be replaced.

It’s the same with User Interfaces: from time to time, they need to be updated so that they don’t look out of date. And especially for users who do not work with it on a daily basis, like patients, acceptance of a software depends at least as much on the look and feel as on the functions.

Avant-garde design for a state-of-the-art software

That’s why we have given Mobile Meal Ordering a thorough face lift: This includes not only new UI elements, but also color scheme, font types, and in certain details, the UX itself. After all, your customers deserve not only state-of-the-art ordering software, but also the feeling of using one. But that’s not all…


Software that makes you feel right at home!

Corporate design is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare sector, and often colors play a big part in it. When even the wall color is tuned to a company’s corporate branding, Mobile Meal Ordering shouldn’t be an exception.

So we made the color settings customizable: by adapting the colors the look & feel of the application can be tailored to the company’s appearance, giving the User the feeling of being “at home”.

Really make it yours by showing your true colors!

The option to use your CI colors means that the Mobile Meal Ordering application will be perceived as part of your company in every regard. Because sometimes colors are more than just light waves, they are part of a company’s soul.

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Kitchen Lists – print only differences to reference values No Comments

Improved user-friendliness in working with Kitchen List printouts

Inflexible Kitchen Lists make the work difficult

When meals are prepared the Kitchen List is used to provide the components to work posts and production lines. But when late orders have to be post-produced, like for late admissions, a simple update of the Kitchen List can cause confusion: What has already been recorded? What was produced? What are the new orders?

Key benefits at a glance:

increases flexibility and user-friendliness of kitchen lists
integrates into existing processes
reduces probability of human error


Our approach to this issue:

Of course, you could go ahead and create a completely new Kitchen List for late orders or think of some other elaborate process to solve this problem. But these are additional steps that slow down operations and make mistakes more likely.

So we prefer to take the direct route: Just focus on the differences. Here is the original Kitchen List and these are the additions, changes are clearly visible at first glance.

This provides the following advantages:

Well, first, it is simple and clear. No complex workarounds, no error-prone improvisations necessary. Simply print out what has been added and the kitchen staff can start working right away.

Second, all your processes can remain as they are. It’s still the Kitchen List management you know, just with that little bit extra.

Third, the feature applies for individual lists or in batch, for daily use or only occasionally – the function is simple, but still highly flexible.

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Create Purchase Items and Price Quotes in Item Module No Comments

Easier management of purchase items and order units in Web Client

Creation of Purchase Items and Price Quotes directly in Item management!

Our Thick Client for power users already offered the extremely practical option of creating and editing purchase items and order units directly in the item master data.

We have now added this option to the Item module in the Web Client. This means an improved, straightforward process for editors: Conveniently and clearly, all the necessary steps can be completed in the same place, without having to switch back and forth between different modules.


Focus on your current task without detours to other modules
Create new Items fast and simple
Get a direct overview on Price Quotes available for your Items


No more switching between modules necessary!

Previously Purchase Items and Price Quotes had to be created in the “Price Quote Management” Module. This can now be done easily inside the Items Module. Just choose your item, open the new Tab “Purchase Items” and create your Purchase Items and Price Quotes.

This allows to continue focusing on the current task without being sidetracked by necessary detours to other modules.


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New module for List Printing No Comments

Increase efficiency and handling of list printouts

Pen and paper? Still indispensable!

Digital processes have become an central part of our working lives, but end-to-end digitization is not always possible or practical: many working routines still use manual lists to record orders, prepare requisitions, etc., before they are later entered into a digital system. And these Lists have to be managed and printed out. Not only once, but often and at regular intervals.

How we can help:Feature14

We not only aim at supporting our Customer’s processes, but also at simplifying them as much as possible. That’s why we implemented a brand new module just for printing Lists. It offers a convenient way to print Assortment Lists directly, no detour into List Management Module required.

In “List Print” it is only a matter of seconds to print Order and Requisition Lists. No need to open List Details one by one. Just select the List, the Layout and off you go.

Key points at a glance:

Data transfer between digital and analog data acquisition is simplified
Elimination of extra work steps due to streamlined process
Time-saving and simple processes eliminate sources of human error

That is not all!

On top of that we have also expanded our existing List Management module. No matter if it’s an Order List, a Waste List or any other type – they all now support multiple Printout Definitions. You can now use different layouts for different locations, even for the same Lists. This allows the special requirements of the individual locations to be better taken into account. For every type of list.

List print

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New Tax handling options for international Orders No Comments

Dealing with Reverse Charges from international Tax Schemes is now a child’s play

Only two things in life are certain: death and taxes! (Benjamin Franklin)

While globalization progresses and companies grow, every country still has its very own tax scheme. When Vendors deliver goods within a country, deliveries are simply taxed with regular (domestic) VAT rates, but when orders are placed where a Vendor delivers goods to other countries, things become more complicated. Because different countries mean different Tax Schemes.


Tax handling for cross-country ordering made easy
New Submodule for centralized „Countries“ settings
Tax options apply for the entire Purchasing ProcessFeature12

Complex Tax Issues can cause quite some headache…

In particular Tax Reverse Charge systems can be challenging for companies’ Accounting departments. When goods receiving Cost Centers are located in different countries within the European Union, the delivery must be regarded as intracommunity acquisition. That means based on Reverse Charge system the VAT liability is passed on to the buyer. Tax handling in such cases is much more complex than it is for domestic purchases and can be a cumbersome task.

To solve this problem, we thought about an option to define more than one Country Tax Scheme per Vendor.

How do we handle this?

We provide a solution that allows you to use different Tax Rates and Tax Codes that can conveniently be passed on to Accounting. We established Tax Scheme Override options per Country to be used for their different Vendors. We implemented a whole new Master Data submodule for “Countries” to manage such issues all in one place.


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New Interface with ventopay Mocca No Comments

Smart integration, easy to configure

Integrating and configuring a POS system doesn’t have to be tricky!

Configuring a POS system is tricky and time consuming? Well, that is no longer the case! A new option for the Interface Configuration is now available in our Web Client. We have introduced a new module called “POS Interface Setup“ where you can create, view and edit POS Interfaces in no time at all.Feature10

Be it credit card, employee vouchers or other cashless payment methods, you
configure and manage them all with just a few mouse clicks. The clear cut, user friendly design lets you set up and manage all POS related items in one place. Additionally, we also adapted the existing POS/payment devices management overview to provide you with an improved overview.

Key benefits at a glance:

Sends Products to the POS system immediately when a Product is created or changed on Delegate side
Sends Product information (Allergens, Barcodes and Nutrients) to the POS system via plugin
Imports Revenues split up in various Payment Methods
Sends Cost Center Revenues back into the Delegate Application

A new interface offering a multitude of practical options

In the context of the new Interface Setup Option, we also implemented a completely new Interface with ventopay Mocca, a state-of-the art POS Cash Register and Payment System. Additionally we implemented a Revenue Interface,
through which all POS Systems can send the Revenues coming from the POS stations directly back to your Delegate system.

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Sending e-Invoices for Sales Orders No Comments

Save working time and get paid faster

Why your Customers need this?

Customers are increasingly demanding e-invoicing, and this is understandable: they can simply import an e-Invoice into their ERP system without having to edit it manually. This saves a lot of processing costs compared to a paper invoice. At the same time it reduces the risk of mistakes and typos as it requires virtually no manual input.

Why you should not miss out on this feature?Feature7

e-Invoicing will not only make things easier for your customers, but for you as well. By
using e-Invoices instead of e-mailing PDFs or sending paper invoices you will save
time and money. And since it requires less effort and time to pay an electronic invoice,
you’ll likely receive incoming payments from these invoices even sooner. Finally, even
cash discount conditions can be transmitted in the electronic invoice.

e-Invoicing make things easier not only for your customers, but also for you. From our
point of view that’s a classic win-win situation.

Key benefits at a glance:

Save time and money by digitization of invoicing
Get paid faster by including payment targets and cash discounts
Reduce possibilities to make mistakes through automated processes

How it works?

In the Sales Order Processing module e-invoices can automatically be created during invoice export. They are then sent via e-mail and/or uploaded to an FTP server without the User having to take any further steps. And of course, different settings can be defined for each customer. From the format to the type of transmission even the file name, each customer can be treated individually.

The function is designed to support a wide variety of standards, with the “ebInterface 6.0” standard already fully implemented at the time of release.

Feature8©Delegate Technology GmbH

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