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New Option for Special Instructions No Comments

Patients Service

A large number of hospitals use special instructions for Patient Meal delivery. These special instructions include information equipment needed for food intake, such as “drinking straw required” after jaw surgery. Other special instructions may be necessary for Patients that need help opening packets or cutting up their food. Special instructions can also be used for various other purposes (e.g. medical or financial information).

In previous Versions, special instructions were defined in a dedicated Component Group assigned to the respective food. However, in many cases, special instructions are recurring and a more optimized method to handle them is required. Therefore, we implemented a new feature where the users assign special instructions for a Patient in the “Supplements & Feed Request Management” pop up. It allows the users to enter instructions per Meal Time (similar to the existing logic for Supplements). Special instructions can also be interfaced.

Users there have the possibility to select a special instruction and mealtime and whether to apply them for all Days or individual days of the week. If required, further Notes can be added. It will also be possible to assign special instructions for a specific meal only (directly in the Room Service or Meal Order).

When a Special Instruction for a Patient and Meal exists, it will be printed automatically on the Tray Card or Room Service Ticket. It will also be displayed automatically in the Meal Order overview.

This new feature provides an option to define special instructions for patients in a centralized way, along with other existing meal additions such as supplements and feed requests. It also supports automatic assignment of special instructions via HL7 interface. It works seamlessly with the already existing logic of supplement and feed request ordering. The hospital staff will be able to use the same working method in a more streamlined workflow. It saves them time and effort through simple handling, whilst providing a greater Patient satisfaction.

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Trinity Health Go-Live Success in Chicago, Illinois! No Comments

Loyola Medicine is a regional, academic health system based in Chicago’s western suburbs and a member of Trinity Health. The system includes Loyola University Medical Center, a nationally ranked academic medical center with 547 licensed beds in Maywood Illinois; Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, a 254-bed community hospital in Melrose Park and MacNeil Hospital, a 374-bed community hospital in Berwyn.

Delegate North America is thrilled to announce success with Loyola medicine across these 3 hospitals for the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth Go-Lives with Trinity Health. These hospitals were staggered and went live with the Delegate Patients Service web application on Wednesday September 30th 2020 (Gottlieb Hospital) & Wednesday October 14th  2020 (MacNeil Hospital) and Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 at Loyola University Medical Center.

Operationally, Gottlieb food service staff transitioned from previous software to Delegate with a room service-based feeding program. The management team and staff were easily able to handle this change and reported huge success with the conversion!

At MacNeil hospital the department operates with a cook-chill feeding program and did not have software in place. The team was diligent in training and made a few changes in the department to deploy Delegate. The team is also happy to report success with this huge change!

For the largest site – Loyola University Medical Center, the department was converting from a previous software system to Delegate with a room service style program. A team of managers were on site to support the efforts and staff worked hard to prepare so that the transition was made smoothly!

The Loyola system is hoping to process enhanced overall therapeutic diet compliance because of the live access to nutrient levels for the menu items and any specific requirements that patient may have had like allergies, dislikes or intolerances.

The Delegate software gives the staff immediate access to critical data which helps the staff guide the patient to the better food choices to meet their nutritional requirements. Whilst all non-compliant food offerings are removed from Patient Menu Choices, ensuring no patient receives food that they are not allowed.

About Trinity Health

Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation, serving diverse communities that include more than 30 million people across 22 states.

Based in Livonia MI, Trinity Health are in the process of rolling out the Delegate Patients Service Enterprise software, hosted in the Delegate Cloud, across 47 of its 93 facilities. All of the facilities are grouped in regions.

The goal of the roll out to the Delegate Patients Service Cloud platform is to be able to Standardize and have a better control on the estate, with regards to cost controlling and savings while eliminating any technical footprint at each location.

- 09 -

Improved Nutrients Overview on Room Service Ticket No Comments

POS Print Service

A new feature has been implemented with which Nutrients can be summarized at the bottom of the Room Service Ticket. It provides a much better overview and clarity for the Users. It is possible now to determine which Nutrients will be displayed as totals and for which Base Diets this will apply. Exchanges and Fluids will be included in the calculations as well.

The summarized Nutrient total displayed equals the sum of all Nutrient values for that particular Nutrient in all components on the ticket. Summarized Nutrients are also displayed on the bottom of manually printed Room Service Tickets. Located in the “Add Nutrient Display” window, it can be activated by ticking the new checkbox “Sum up on Ticket”, which is inactive by default.

Here is an example from a daily hospital routine:

A Patient needs to reduce their Cholesterol and Sugar intake. They order three components for breakfast. The three components combined (Milk, Buttermilk and Pancake) have a total Cholesterol value of 52,07g. This total will be displayed in an extra line at the bottom of the ticket so that a diet assistant or the Patient themselves can see at a glance whether the meal has an  acceptable cholesterol value or not.

This enhancement of our Room Service Tickets provides a safe and quick overview on selected Nutrients. It contributes greatly to Patient safety and makes your team’s daily tasks so much easier.

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Option to Override general Meal Location Settings per Individual Meal No Comments

News from Release 15.10

In earlier Versions the Patient Administration Module already provided options to define a global setting for a meal location where the patients will usually be served their meals. It was also possible to define specific meal locations per weekday, for example when a patient would have their meals served in the Dining room every Friday.

However, in daily business it is often the case that Patients would prefer to change their meal location for a specific meal at short notice. Friends or family could be visiting and Patients will prefer to take their meals in private with them. Fine weather may motivate Patients to take their meal on the terrace or in the garden.

On the other hand, when they are not feeling particularly well, they may prefer to eat at the bedside. This presented a problem, in particular, if the meal order for the regular meal location had already been placed.

Therefore, we designed the new feature to allow for greater flexibility in meal delivery and to increase customer satisfaction. It has been implemented in the Meal Ordering modules to provide an option to override the Patient’s general meal location for individual meals.

By clicking on the ‘Question Mark’ icon, the Patient Meal Order information for an ordered meal can be modified. The ‘Meal Location’ hyperlink is now available to open a popup where the Meal Location can be set for the currently selected meal. Once the location was changed manually, a dedicated info text is displayed in the Patient’s meal order:

With the help of this immensely useful feature, you can now react timely on any short-notice changes in a Patient’s meal order delivery. You will significantly cut down on order cancellations and food waste as every delivery will find its target!

- 27 -

Review of the event, Digitalization in the Canteen Kitchen. No Comments

Event News

This year’s symposium on digitization in the professional kitchen, which due to Corona was postponed from April, when it is usually held, took place on 17th September. Organized by the trade journal Catering Management, the event took place at Le Méridien in Nuremberg.

The suppliers that took part, in the event, were mainly from large-scale catering industries and from the areas of software solutions, equipment manufacturers, consultants and food suppliers.

Everyone, in attendance, agreed that we are in the middle of the digitalization process, which will lead to a sustainable structural change. This made Peter Leppelt’s keynote speech on the relevance of cyber security in times of digitization all the more exciting. Above all, the extent of the (in)voluntary disclosure of personal data raised the awareness of those present at this time.


Company Restaurants & digitization

Together with our partner ventopay, we were able to show how staff restaurants can use digitization to strengthen customer loyalty. This is a very important point, particularly in the challenging times of Corona. Guests are becoming more and more individual, using a wide variety of health apps that are designed to help them live healthier and more sustainably through nutrition and sports. Of course, employees expect this information in their professional environment and therefore employee restaurants are challenged.

Where does my food come from? What is the nutritional value of my meal? How high is the organic content? In order to be able to inform the guest about this, valid data is necessary, which can be automatically transmitted directly by the suppliers and manufacturers or imported into the Food Management System by uploading the Federal Food Bowl (BLS database). The data can be made available to the guest via various channels. Through PDF via direct mail, use of intranet or through the preparation of ventopay (digital signage) on screens and apps. Through digitally controlled bonus programs, ventopay already offers possibilities to bind employees more to the company’s catering services. An advantage not only for the guests, but also for the company restaurant and thus for the entire company. Employees stay in the company and go more into the exchange and invest in the existing business.

In the end, everyone agreed that digitalization is in full swing. Development cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, and those who are not willing to digitize existing processes or are reluctant to embrace innovations will have a hard time in the future.

- 19 -

Simplified Production Planning with Predictive Values in Patient Service No Comments

Using Data from Existing Recipe Productions

In most commercial kitchens head chefs will regularly create Menu Plans well in advance to ensure efficient operation planning. Predicting the required quantities of meals and ingredients is always a challenging task, especially when it comes to ordering the required materials.

The actual plan quantities will normally only be available a few days before production. This means that the better part of early planning is experience- based. However, especially Central Production Units need to start meal production well in advance. Therefore, the corresponding ingredients have to be ordered with the vendors weeks in advance as well.

With our “Calculated Predictive Plan Values” for Recipes we provide a great tool for easier Production Planning. It uses already existing historic data for improved and reliable Menu Planning


The greatest advantages of this feature:

– Simple to use, no additional work required
– Uses existing historical data (quantities/products)
– Maximizing profit through less misordering
– Reduces overproduction

In Production Planning you will be able to generate Predictive Plan Values manually at the click of a button. An even more effective way will be to use the automated version of Predictive Value generation, where you set up a job once and it will run based on the settings that have been configured.

Discover how easy planning can be when using already existing data. With even more precise ordering, you can minimize capital commitment in storage and increase profits. Using statistic sales data of Recipes also allows your business to cut down on overproduction.

- 12 -

Review Construction & operation of canteen kitchens 2020 No Comments

Event in Munich

Our first event, after the corona-related restrictions, led us to Munich for the congress “Bau & Betrieb von Großküchen und moderner Betriebsgastronomie” that means translated “Construction & Operation of Large Kitchens and Modern Company Catering”, which took place on 15th & 16th September. The event, which was postponed from May by the Management Forum Starnberg and the industry trade journal GV-Manager, took place in the halls of the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel.

As usual, both days were full of interesting topics concerning canteen kitchens, followed by a panel discussion on “The new role of company catering”.

Our customer GO Gaststättenbetriebs GmbH, together with our partner Ventopay, provided insights into how digitalization of processes and workflows can increase efficiency and how interaction and feedback possibilities can increase the enthusiasm of guests.

Unusual, however, were the conditions under which the event took place due to existing hygiene regulations. The congress, normally attended by more than 250 participants, was limited to 100. Groups were formed during the breaks in order to comply with the distance rules in the rooms. Wearing mouth and nose protection was obligatory for the protection of all, with a few exceptions. But this was not an obstacle to the active exchange of information among the participants.

The Highlight

The highlight of the event was a tour of the newly opened leonardi company restaurant in the Bavaria Towers which took place on the evening of the first day. The leonardi team served the visitors at various counters with drinks and wonderful pasta and pizza. The time was used for networking and personal conversations.

For all participants who could not attend the entire event, the technical presentations were recorded and made available in a timely manner.

Considering the prevailing conditions, the event was a complete success. A big thank you to the organizers for all the effort before, during and after the event.

We will be there again on 18 and 19 May 2021. Are you also interested in participating? Just let us know and you will be able to enjoy discounted tickets. Be Quick, as it is only while stocks last.

- 05 -

Trinity Health Go-Live Success in the Mid-Atlantic Area! No Comments

News from Delegate North America

Delegate North America are very happy to announce the twelth & thirteenth successful go-live with Trinity Health. These two facilities are part of the Trinity Health of Mid-Atlantic region. They went live with the Delegate Patients Service web application on Wednesday August 26th 2020 (St Francis Healthcare) in Wilmington, Delaware & Wednesday September 2nd 2020 (St Mary Health Main Campus) in Langhorne, PA.

The team at St Francis Healthcare have a bedside program for patient meal service that will deliver between 90 – 120 trays at each meal period. The foodservice staff are equipped with a wireless tablet device for entering patient meal orders at the bedside.. This new process enhanced overall therapeutic diet compliance because of the live access to nutrient levels for the menu items and any specific requirements that patient may have had like allergies, dislikes or intolerances. The staff loved being able to speak the menu to the patients and guide better menu choices with live access to a system that assists them and then have a tally report for the culinary staff!

The St Mary Health team had previous software in place with a room service program and had been training on web sessions to prepare for the Go Live. The Trinity regional team as well as Delegate team supported the staff on site through the conversion and took time to ensure patients received the proper meal order in a timely manner. As well as made sure the food service department staff had all aspects of the software working as expected…from the hardware to the software!

Both transitions involved team work and collaboration to achieve the best results. Trinity Health and Delegate Group continue to support the local food service departments with day to day operations so their patients can receive the best food and service for improved healing and optimal outcomes.

About Trinity Health

Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation, serving diverse communities that include more than 30 million people across 22 states.

Based in Livonia MI, Trinity Health are in the process of rolling out the Delegate Patients Service Enterprise software, hosted in the Delegate Cloud, across 47 of its 93 facilities. All of the facilities are grouped in regions.

The goal of the roll out to the Delegate Patients Service Cloud platform is to be able to Standardize and have a better control on the estate, with regards to cost controlling and savings while eliminating any technical footprint at each location.

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Registration of Participants in Mobile Inventory No Comments

News from Release 15.00

This new feature improves traceability as it is now possible to register which participants were involved in the stocktaking process in Mobile Inventory.

It provides an overview on who worked with the mobile recording device at what point in time.

If this feature is activated, each participant must enter their name and provide their signature via the new button before the Inventory is exported.

The names and signatures which were collected in this way can then be printed on the Inventory Preview in the Web Client so that at a later point in time, it will be possible to find out who was involved in an Inventory count in the past.

Another advantage is that the signatures of the participants can be captured during the stock count as well as in the end before the data export. For example, a situation might occur where one of the participants cannot be present until the stock count is finished.

It is then possible to record their signature during the stocktaking process, while the other participants can sign when it is finished.

This new functionality offers you simplified handling and administration and gives you a good overview on who participated in the stocktaking process.

Overview Example Screenshot

- 21 -

Smart Storage Room Usage through optimized Price Quote Calculation No Comments

News from Version 15.00

The usage of storage room is one of the most common challenges in daily business. No matter how many store rooms, no matter how spacious they may be, they’re just always too small. The biggest loss of storage space is often due to the fact that overly large quantities or bulk packages are stored. However, why buy 100 kilos of flour when only 30 are needed? A speedy and optimized inventory turnover ratio also has the advantage that it involves lower capital commitment.

With our new Calculation Method, the Price Quotes for the goods you order will be suggested based on the lowest total price for the requested quantity.

This feature’s main options include settings for:

– Default Price Quote
– Best Catalog Price
– Best Net/Net Price

This needs to be set just once and Price Quotes will be suggested according to the selected Main Option. There is still great flexibility for Price Quote selection, as it will be possible to change the Price Quotes manually in the Requirement Document.

Overview Requirement Price Quote Selection

Cost Centers will be able to decide, if they wish to use the “Best Price per Base Unit” or “Best Price per Required QTY” options for the requirement optimization, depending on their physical storage room capacities.

By using the requirement optimization, storage space usage will be greatly improved. Additionally, a higher inventory turnover ratio will help you with:

– a well-arranged storage
– quick inventory creation
– a better Best-Before-Date management

and the freed up capital can be used for other Investments.