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Are you covered by paper mountains?

Data exchange in supply chain using paper is now the past. It is slow, not precise and expensive to use. The alternative to paper is clearly the electronic exchange of catalogues, purchase orders and invoices. Up until now this required substantial investments. However, with new and innovative solutions in the market the switch has become very price competitive.

It is essential that you have a good integration between your inventory management solution (ERP) and your EDI supply chains solution. Delegate as a software supplier for inventory management solutions and First Businesspost as an EDI specialist have conquered the market with new modern & innovative solutions to help you and your suppliers to save time and money. We serve our customers in the contract catering, B&I, healthcare and canteen industry to help them to optimize supply chain processes from purchasing to production planning.

If you want to know more about your EDI integration of your Delegate solution to use all advantages of an automated process, do not hesitate to contact us.

About First Businesspost

First Businesspost
 was one of the first to offer comprehensive PKI and EDI supply chains solutions to companies in Europe. Formed in Germany in the year 2000, First Businesspost continuously entered the markets of other European countries as the regulations allowed the widespread use of e-invoicing. The largest companies in Europe and their countless suppliers are now trusting their electronic data flow to First Businesspost. The company’s specialists are well suited to recognise the needs of potential clients and have extensive knowledge in designing and implementing supply chain processes across the board. First Businesspost’s world renowned and market leading products are available for companies operating to and from any country in the world including all Central and Eastern European countries as well.


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