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Delegate Advent Season – Christmas is coming. What’s happening behind the scenes?

Advent season

Theoretically, December would be the most spiritual and quiet month of the year. However, it is more often the final spurt towards finishing all major projects before December 24th and then taking a well-deserved Christmas holiday. In order to promote some Christmas spirit nonetheless, as every year, we have set up a handcrafted advent wreath. This year, it even comes in our “Corporate Delegate Design” colors.

For a couple of years now, we obtain the handcrafted advent wreaths from a special workshop supporting people with disabilities which is located in Lower Austria. In doing so, we can make a small financial contribution to this institution. This year, we got a very special wreath which even features our corporate colors as well as our Delegate logo.

The quiet season

We do not want to impose further stress on our employees. Therefore, we did not host a Delegate Christmas Party for several years now. In the weeks before Christmas everyone is really busy and so we decided some years ago that we will not have a Christmas Party. Instead, we are hosting a big corporate event in spring (April/May). This “Company Event” includes an additional Team-Event in order to promote cooperation between teams, a joint dinner as well a party for everyone.

Still, we will not let December pass without a tiny corporate activity, but more about this will come in our next contribution.

On this note, the whole Delegate Team wishes you a quiet and peaceful advent season.

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