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Delegate is a KONZEPTfabrik partner!

Who is KONZEPTfabrik?

KONZEPTfabrik brings together leading companies that not only combine their individual offers into a common context, but also create a holistic solution for community catering at the same time. Thus, the seminars, in which the various partners are given a specific time slot to contribute their expert knowledge, offer valuable information and concrete solutions.

KONZEPTfabrik describes itself as:

“Security for today and solutions for tomorrow. From the cost of goods to the digitalization of the kitchen to the guest’s table culture.

Comprehensive – Practical – Innovative.

The aim is to open up individual and economical solutions for you, taking into account economy, quality expansion and ecology. “

Further details can be found on KONZEPTfabrik’s website: (https://KONZEPTfabrik.org)

Catering for senior citizens
In particular concerning the area of conflict between quality, ecology and economy

The possibility of exchanging ideas with experts from similar sectors also offers Delegate a great opportunity for further training. The knowledge gained can be incorporated into Delegate software solutions in the future. As a result, the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers will increase.

We are already involved in the first online webinar in January 2021. The topic will be catering for senior citizens alongside focal points such as;

– Staffing,
– Profitability
– Cost reduction

and expert knowledge on the topic of hygiene safety as well as the legal framework conditions in the KONZEPTfabrik program.

This event was initially planned to be held in Kiel. In order to be able to hold the seminar independently of the COVID-19 measures, it has been moved online and thus transformed into a webinar. Our specialists Björn Neumann (Senior Sales Consultant) and Christian Schmidt (Director Solutions & Consulting) will represent Delegate at the event.

Those interested in participating can register online here.

We are really looking forward to the joint webinar in January 2021 and will report in detail on the impressions gained by our experts Björn and Christian on our website afterwards.