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Delegate North America and DM&A proud to be a part of the FNCE 2017 – Chicago, Illinois

FNCE 2017

Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo

Over the 4 days the EXPO Hall was a bustle of activity. The below images show just how busy the EXPO floor was!

Delegate North America along with DM&A (Don Miller and Associates), were proud to be part of the 100th Celebrations @FNCE (Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo) 2017 held in Chicago Illinois. Attending the long waited FNCE 2017 which was attended this year by over 10,000 Dietitians and over 100 exhibitors.

The Delegate & DM&A booth showcased “Stella” the Web Based, Enterprise Hosted and Managed Food Service Solution, a collaboration between the two companies. Delegate providing the tried and tested web based enterprise software, which is used in over 2000 locations globally. Whilst, DM&A providing the fully tested and coded Items, Recipes, Nutritional Data, Menus etc. for both Patients and Retail, implemented and managed by their highly experienced, internationally recognized team of Chefs and Dietitians. Using the latest technology platform (Microsoft Azure) to host Stella.

Stella was released in February 2017, at the annual Good to Best Conference hosted by DM&A.

With the Delegate and DM&A booth attracting a lot of interest. Due to the uniqueness of Stella and that it allows smaller Facilities that do not have IT departments or limited IT departments and do not have the band width of an FTE to manage the application locally.

For more details on Delegate, DM&A or Stella, please contact Adam Johnson.

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