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Delegate on the Association for Healthcare Foodservice Awards Committee

2019 – Association for Healthcare Foodservice

Delegate North America are proud to have Adam Johnson (Director of Business Development) sitting on the AHF Awards Committee.

The mission of the awards committee is to develop, maintain and administer the AHF Awards Program. Along with the other committee members, some of Adam’s responsibilities are to:

Select the winners of each award
Recognize award winners at the annual conference
Celebrate our award recipients in AHF publications like the S.O. Connected and the AHF website, as well as other publications in the recipients geographical area and publications associated  with their organization

Available Awards:

SustainabilityNEW 2019!

This award recognizes operator members who implemented or continuously improved and expanded foodservice waste reduction programs on the path to sustainability.  Areas include food waste reduction, waste storing programs, composting, recycling, water conservation, improving use of reusable, and food donation programs.

Benchmarking Award of Excellence

This award recognizes a healthcare facility who has used AHF Benchmarking EXPRESS™ consistently; showed improvement in KPI’s and utilized data to improve their operations.

Chapter of the Year Award

This award recognizes an AHF Local Chapter that promotes the overall Association’s mission.

Exemplary Leadership Award

This award will be bestowed upon the operator member who best reflects the commitment to operational excellence that Don Marsh brought to healthcare foodservice. Don Marsh, former president of the American Society for Healthcare Food Service Administrators (ASHFSA), was dedicated to the healthcare profession and to his colleagues. He was a longtime supporter of programs to raise professionalism of operators in the healthcare foodservice industry and was known to contribute generously. The award will recognize member contributions in their operations as well as to regional, local chapters or networking meetings.

Future Horizon Award

This award recognizes operator members who are new to management (less than 5 years) and demonstrate a desire for future growth through contributions to their hospitals or community.

Partnership in Leadership Award

This award recognizes an operator member’s facility that demonstrate a strong commitment to self-operation and currently supports the foodservice director or foodservice administrative director.

Spotlight Award

This award recognizes operator members who have enhanced operations through new ideas and industry trends. This may include any of the following: technology, program development, implementation, innovation, sustainability, community impact, mergers/acquisitions, and /or creative use of managing finances.

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