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Delegate participate in their first KONEPTFabrik webinar

On January 19, the first webinar of the KONZEPTFabrik took place. It launched the start of the 2021 seminar series, which normally is held as a classroom event. More than 20 participants from the areas of communal catering and social catering followed the informative presentations, on the topic of economy and ecology from various areas of the catering industry, with great interest.

As a new partner in the KONZEPTFabrik network, we attended for the first time. The audience got an overview of the complex functionality of a food management system and how it supports businesses in the catering industry to save costs as well as valuable time and to work legally compliant. Some of the participants were surprised that such a system can do much more than just merchandise management.

The direction of the future? Digitization!

From the questions of the participants, which were discussed directly in the webinar, it was clear that the future is moving further in the direction of digitization. At the top of the list is the topic of hygiene. On the one hand, the automatic recording of relevant HACCP processes such as temperature measurement data in systems and, on the other hand, the requirements for self-monitoring prescribed by the legislator. Ecolab and Rieber showed what is already possible today.

Due to the continuing shortage of both skilled and unskilled personnel, the networking of kitchen equipment is naturally in focus. Rational, Hobart and Irinox impressively showed the latest developments in the market. The trend towards organic, vegan and sustainable production in the food industry was also confirmed by Hügli and Hilcona.

Duni and Seltmann Weiden also focus on sustainability in the production of their ranges. Duni’s #goodfoodmood program helps nursing homes and homes for the elderly to create a pleasant ambience at mealtimes, thus providing an effective tool against malnutrition.

These and many more exciting information’s were offered in the webinar. The direct feedback from the participants showed that the format hit the nerve of the industry.

Do you also want to stay informed? Here you will find all upcoming dates for the events of the KONZEPTFabrik. You can also contact us directly to find out more!.