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What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?

Electronic Data Interchange, EDI in short, has provided optimised processes along the supply chain for almost three decades. During this time, its technology continuously evolved. Today it is a key factor for innovation-driven enterprises, efficiently and sustainably optimizing their business processes across companies, sectors and countries.

Data Interchange for the purchase of goods has become indispensable for restaurateurs, professional caterers and hotel operators. In order to cover business processes of the entire process chain from purchasing to production planning, a good integration of merchandise management/ERP and EDI operations becomes more and more important.

Delegate as software provider for merchandise management solutions and EDI specialist EDITEL maintain a close cooperation for many years now in order to enable electronic communication between the solutions. This requires a safe and traceable real-time exchange of business data with customers, producers or suppliers via EDITEL’s eXite® service.

By means of electronic exchange, faulty deliveries as well as time-consuming manual efforts and data input errors can be avoided. The integrated interface with eXite® enables the linking of all business information in the Delegate system. Thus, you have a good overview of all purchasing processes and can react quickly to deviations.

Learn about the EDI interface of your Delegate solution now and take advantage of the benefits of automated purchasing.



EDITEL, leading provider of EDI solutions (Electronic Data INterchange), specializes in optimization of merchandise purchasing processes, from ordering to invoice processing (exchange of electronic orders, delivers notes, invoices etc.).

With its EDI-Service eXite®, EDITEL offers comprehensive solutions for the company catering sector, ranging from a cost-efficient and simple to use Web EDI Portal to fully integrated solutions for larger companies.


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