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Enhancements for mobile meal ordering to replace CSO

Mobile Meal Ordering

The Module Mobile Meal Ordering is primarily used with smartphones and tablets to place Meal Orders in a simple and easy way. To make it more user-friendly and to increase user satisfaction the layout and overall handling was enhanced and streamlined with Version 14.00.

An additional highlight is that features from the known CSO module have been added to replace Mobile Meal Ordering. One of the major changes is the new slide-in menu in the Meal Selection overview, which makes the navigation within modules easier and more intuitive while providing more space for the module controls making overall appearance more visually appealing.

Please note, that the “old CSO” component will still be available for a while. We will be doing bug fixing for it, but not introduce any new features.

A new feature was introduced to select and reserve a Delivery Time or select “Standard Delivery”. The details will be displayed in the upper left corner upon selection, and now placing a Meal Order is easier and less error prone. Nutrition information display for components will be activated/deactivated by clicking on the icon in the right corner in the mid-section of the component panel.

Past Meal Orders are available in a separate module for better overview, same as 1-Minute Nutrition Screen, Surveys, Intake tracking and Nutrition Goals. The existing CSO Settings on Hospital level are still applicable for all ported CSO modules here as well.

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