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Exploring foreign territory in our Delegate World

Knowledge starts by asking questions

It’s all Greek to me

This idiom refers to something being not understandable and foreign to a person. The language and codes are confusing to the outsider.

Software Providers ‘happen’ to deal with a variety of databases. In our case it boils down to MSSQL and Oracle, two of the most common varieties on the market. However, despite their great popularity, many people will say it’s all Greek to them …

We therefore recently organized a guided tour through this foreign territory with an external expert for selected colleagues from the Projects & Services Team. During two days of intense knowledge transfer, our colleagues learned a lot about the ‘local customs’ – from early developments to up-to-date details.

The main focus was put on SQL Databases in theory and practice. The training included many hands-on practical examples for better understanding of the technology in daily business.

All participants successfully completed the training (from left to right: Jürgen, Sebastian, Silke, Rainer, Florian, Bernhard, Sebastian).


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