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Google Chrome Support as of Version 12.10

Google Chrome Support


As of version 12.10 we officially support Google Chrome. From now on, you can call our Delegate Web Client not only via Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, but also via Google Chrome (version 60 or higher). Our product compatibility with different browsers is a topic that we have reflected on over the last years, and we continuously upgraded to meet our customer’s requirements.

The demand for compatibility with different browser is highly understandable and plays an important role for us as international software provider. However, this seemingly simple requirement can often become a great challenge. Whenever a software which has been growing over decades and is continuously being developed needs to be adapted to current browser technologies, this always involves a certain amount of further development and testing.

In order to support the most current and popular browsers in the future, we are currently working on compatibility with the new Microsoft Internet Explorer (Edge). As of version 12.20, the first beta-version will be available for the first steps in Edge. Our plan for 2018 is to examine the Safari browser and potentially establish a compatibility with it as well.

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