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Himss 2018 (Las Vegas) – Review

Himss 2018

The leading health information and technology conference

Delegate Healthcare Solutions (North America) were thrilled to attend Himss 2018 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. Himss is the leading Health Information and Technology Conference in the USA. This year almost 44,000 professionals from 90+ countries took part in five days of education, innovation and collaboration — making the Himss 18 Global Conference & Exhibition the most successful conference yet!
Eric Schmidt opened the conference. Eric is the Technical Advisor and Former Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc. which is the parent company of Google. Eric’s message was very clear, “Run, Don’t Walk to the cloud. The cloud is safer, more HIPAA compliant and easier to use” His reasoning’s for this were explained in that it requires less local IT resources, industry experts are taking care of security and continually updating systems and that in time the large data repositories can assist with machine learning.

Eric Schmidt
Technical Advisor and Former Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc.



Eric went on to encourage the Healthcare sector to move forward with “Interoperability”. In healthcare, interoperability is the ability of different information technology systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged. This would provide so much efficiency to the sector. For example for every 1 hour spent with a Patient, a clinician will spend 2 hours on administration tasks, i.e. updating charts, food requirements etc.

In the Hospital of the future – Interoperability would allow for continuous monitoring of a patient which would then recognize subtle changes in patients’ health the system would then notify the Clinician, who can then make the necessary adjustments, thus allowing the reduction of code blue situations.   With machine learning and AI routine screening can be done via computer i.e. 1000 Patients retinas can be read in same time that 100 can be read by a human.  The end goal of interoperability is to increase time spent interacting with patient & therefore giving the ability to see more patients.  Patient meal goals will be able to be documented by the dietitian allowing the Food Service staff to record the amount consumed in Food Service system, which then interfaces back to the EHR.  The EHR is then able to alert the Patients Dietitian that goals are not being met. This in turn will help with Malnutrition Management.

Over the week Adam (Director of Business Development for Delegate North America) tracked 90,295 steps, walked 33.4 miles and made countless new connections & friends. Here are just a few Pictures of the week’s events.


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