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Improved Layout Options for Item and Unit Overview

Flexible column width for a perfect overview

How you can make the most of our result grids?

The answer is easy: Optimum legibility with customizable layout. In previous versions Item and Unit names were only displayed in part because of static column widths in the result grids. Users had to hover the mouse pointer directly over the item or unit in order to be able to read the full text. This was inconvenient in particular when long specifications were contained in these columns.

We now enhanced the layout and the complete texts will be visible at a glance. Column widths can now accommodate the full Item and Unit names in:

Assortment Management
Item Catalogs (Price Quotes)
B2B Solution –> Selection of Base Items to be linked

These settings are configurable per user. Users with the required permissions can manually adjust the column widths to their needs.

How does it work?

These settings are configurable on User level. When a User clicks on the icon , the column width is adapted to the size required to display the complete text it contains.

These settings will be stored so that when the user navigates to some other place in the application and later returns the module page the layout will still be displayed as before.

The enhancement also affects dropdown Lists. Their size will now adapt dynamically when lines with longer texts are displayed. Both Column and Dropdown Size adaptions also take into account Master Translation.

Customized optimum layout for every user

Different Users fulfill a wide range of tasks and have specific needs when working with our Application. Selecting the correct items for an order will likely involve legibility of complete Item and Unit text whereas the full text display won’t be needed to quickly check incoming deliveries. With the customizable grid and window layouts we therefore provide maximum user-friendliness. Our new feature gives you all the options.