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Improved Mobile Meal Ordering User Experience and UI Design

Smart and user friendly in form and function

Fine feathers make fine birds

Every era has its style, and every fashion has its expiration date. Whether it’s carrot jeans, bell-bottoms or leggings – each of them serves the same purpose, but not all of them fit the trend at the moment. So every now and then you should go through your closet and see what has to be replaced.

It’s the same with User Interfaces: from time to time, they need to be updated so that they don’t look out of date. And especially for users who do not work with it on a daily basis, like patients, acceptance of a software depends at least as much on the look and feel as on the functions.

Avant-garde design for a state-of-the-art software

That’s why we have given Mobile Meal Ordering a thorough face lift: This includes not only new UI elements, but also color scheme, font types, and in certain details, the UX itself. After all, your customers deserve not only state-of-the-art ordering software, but also the feeling of using one. But that’s not all…


Software that makes you feel right at home!

Corporate design is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare sector, and often colors play a big part in it. When even the wall color is tuned to a company’s corporate branding, Mobile Meal Ordering shouldn’t be an exception.

So we made the color settings customizable: by adapting the colors the look & feel of the application can be tailored to the company’s appearance, giving the User the feeling of being “at home”.

Really make it yours by showing your true colors!

The option to use your CI colors means that the Mobile Meal Ordering application will be perceived as part of your company in every regard. Because sometimes colors are more than just light waves, they are part of a company’s soul.

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