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Improved Nutrients Overview on Room Service Ticket

POS Print Service

A new feature has been implemented with which Nutrients can be summarized at the bottom of the Room Service Ticket. It provides a much better overview and clarity for the Users. It is possible now to determine which Nutrients will be displayed as totals and for which Base Diets this will apply. Exchanges and Fluids will be included in the calculations as well.

The summarized Nutrient total displayed equals the sum of all Nutrient values for that particular Nutrient in all components on the ticket. Summarized Nutrients are also displayed on the bottom of manually printed Room Service Tickets. Located in the “Add Nutrient Display” window, it can be activated by ticking the new checkbox “Sum up on Ticket”, which is inactive by default.

Here is an example from a daily hospital routine:

A Patient needs to reduce their Cholesterol and Sugar intake. They order three components for breakfast. The three components combined (Milk, Buttermilk and Pancake) have a total Cholesterol value of 52,07g. This total will be displayed in an extra line at the bottom of the ticket so that a diet assistant or the Patient themselves can see at a glance whether the meal has an  acceptable cholesterol value or not.

This enhancement of our Room Service Tickets provides a safe and quick overview on selected Nutrients. It contributes greatly to Patient safety and makes your team’s daily tasks so much easier.