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Initiatives with great result

News from Australia

Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) is a 783 bed public tertiary facility based in Perth, Delegate has proudly been associated with FSH since the brand new facility was first opened in 2014. The FSH Catering and Dietetics teams work collaboratively to achieve amazing outcomes that continuously enhance patient experience. More recently the team have introduced an a la carte style menu offering patients 12 different main course choices at lunch and dinner, and providing ample selection for their therapeutic diets. This project also involved the team mapping 153 allergens within Delegate Patients Service to ensure FSH patients receive safe meals based on their allergies. In a time where allergy related conditions are increasing amongst Australians it is essential that patients are provided with appropriate choice during their Hospital admission. (Read full article)

The introduction of the new menu has also resulted in an improvement of the Hospital’s environmental footprint by significantly reducing food waste. Since the menu change, it is reported waste is down to 1-2kg per day, compared to more than 12kg per day previously. (Read full article)

It is extremely rewarding to witness these achievements where Delegate has been able to provide a flexible and effective tool to assist the teams accomplish their wonderful work.