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Inventory management made easy

Digital and growing demands on modern inventory management systems


The current issue of the gv-praxis (7-8/2018) magazine is entitled “Inventory Management made easy”. In line with this topic, we have also summarized current inventory management topics such as central production, electronic invoice import and CO2 footprint briefly and crisply for all readers and interested parties. We have decided to chose these topics because there is currently the greatest demand from our customers and we have also implemented many ideas from our customers in this area.

On page 59 of the journal you will find a brief explanation and description of the topics mentioned above. Besides the inventory management topics, you will also find a small photo gallery of the IMF Network Event 2018, on page 70. Our team was able to successfully master the table soccer tournament despite initial start difficulties and even finished first. Congratulations once again to the entire team for their active commitment.


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