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Justification for missing Meal Orders

News from Release 15.00

There can be various reasons why a Meal Order for a certain Patient is missing in the “Patient Meal Ordering” module. On the one hand, it is possible that the Food Service staff did not take Meal Orders on the Patient’s Station yet. On the other hand, it is possible that Meal Orders were taken already, but the individual Patient was not present because of medical treatment or other reasons.

In any case, the Food Service staff needs to decide whether it makes sense to visit the Station again to take the Patient’s Meal Order or if it is better to place an automatic Meal Order for the Patient. In order to facilitate this decision, it is now possible to select a Reason Code which justifies the missing Meal Order:

Justification for missing Meal Orders Example Screenshot

In case a Meal Order is placed manually later on, the Reason Code is removed automatically.

Automatic default Meal Orders often do not correspond to the Patient’s taste and wishes and are not consumed at all. The new feature allows for easy tracking of missing individual Patient Meal Orders, which simplifies KPI analysis.