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Kitchen Lists – print only differences to reference values

Improved user-friendliness in working with Kitchen List printouts

Inflexible Kitchen Lists make the work difficult

When meals are prepared the Kitchen List is used to provide the components to work posts and production lines. But when late orders have to be post-produced, like for late admissions, a simple update of the Kitchen List can cause confusion: What has already been recorded? What was produced? What are the new orders?

Key benefits at a glance:

increases flexibility and user-friendliness of kitchen lists
integrates into existing processes
reduces probability of human error


Our approach to this issue:

Of course, you could go ahead and create a completely new Kitchen List for late orders or think of some other elaborate process to solve this problem. But these are additional steps that slow down operations and make mistakes more likely.

So we prefer to take the direct route: Just focus on the differences. Here is the original Kitchen List and these are the additions, changes are clearly visible at first glance.

This provides the following advantages:

Well, first, it is simple and clear. No complex workarounds, no error-prone improvisations necessary. Simply print out what has been added and the kitchen staff can start working right away.

Second, all your processes can remain as they are. It’s still the Kitchen List management you know, just with that little bit extra.

Third, the feature applies for individual lists or in batch, for daily use or only occasionally – the function is simple, but still highly flexible.

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