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Making the Most of Social Media Channels

Why Social Media?

Like many other companies, we too ventured a step further into the digital age and created our Xing and LinkedIn company profiles in 2017. Before doing so, we asked ourselves: Why use Social Media channels, and for what specific purpose?
We reflected a lot on the issue and wanted to make a clear decision when taking this step. It was very important for us that we do not simply create a profile and upload content now and then. We rather wanted to plan ahead and create a distinct added value for our existing and future customers and potential employees. After a period of intensive planning, we started our Xing and LinkedIn profiles last year and will continuously evolve them in 2018.

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To put it briefly: Our Xing and LinkedIn Accounts will be strongly aligned with the news section on our website, providing interested parties with the most up-to-date information. These news will also cover product enhancements and interesting features in new software versions. We noticed that communicating such information to our customers becomes increasingly difficult, given the sheer volume of the Release Notes and Documentations. Therefore, we want to present important new functions on our Social Media channels as well.

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In future, we will strongly promote communication with end users as well as potential employees via our Facebook und Instagram accounts. We will provide current news there, but rather in a summarized version whereas the other platforms will feature in-depth reports. We will also report about features, configurations and other interesting issues. With this approach, we want to respond to our customers’ and end users’ needs, enabling them to conveniently view smaller portions of important information instead of having to read Release Notes containing 100+ pages.

Our Social Media channels will also reflect our Newsletter which we previously issued twice per year. We will process the individual topics into concise, well-structured reports and continue to provide you with all relevant information about our product enhancements and events in the future.

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