Quick Service / Fast Casual Dining

Grow quickly and easily!

A back of house software solution for quick service or fast casual dining restaurants not only has to enable you to manage your ordering processes, your inventory and food pre-production processes. It also must seamlessly integrate with your POS solution and take into account that restaurant chains in this segment usually experience rapid growth.

Your software solution needs to support all these factors by centralized installation and data management as well as easy-to-use user interfaces that enable your staff to utilize the software for their typical processes with minimum training and maximum efficiency.

“Easy deployment, increased user-friendliness and globalization are critical aspects for software solutions for quick service and fast casual dining restaurants to support the often rapid growth!”

Christian Schmidt

Our browser based application can be hosted and managed centrally, allowing for easy deployment and minimal system infrastructure at the individual sites. From the very beginning on, our software has been built to take into account enterprise levels (100s or even 1000s of locations in a single database) and internationalization aspects (multi language, different taxes).

These are critical advantages for quick service and fast casual dining restaurant chains, which often are international businesses or have international growth plans.

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