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Meal Ordering Enhancement to Allow Text Search

Find & Order Components even more quickly

Tired of scrolling through long component?

In the daily business operation, the number of available components in Room Service Ordering and Patient Meal Ordering can become quite extensive. While Patients generally appreciate the large choice of meals and snacks, it can become time consuming for the Hospital Staff to browse through the sections and Components in order to place the meal orders. In previous versions, Users had to skim through all available component positions. Therefore, the likelihood of overlooking a component the patient actually prefers would increase with the number of choices.

Our solution

To solve this problem we implemented a much faster and more accurate way to place meal orders in Patient Meal Ordering and Room Service Ordering. Version 15.20 introduces a new functionality with ‘match-as-you-type’ component search. Users can simply start typing the name of an item and matching components will be offered for selection.

So how does it works?

Let’s take an example from the Meal Ordering Module: “Example, Patient” would really like to have some apple juice. When the hospital staff User clicks in the lower left corner of the Patient Meal Order or Room Service Order Screens and starts typing “apple…”, all Components available in the patient’s specific meal offer that contain the word ‘apple’ will be displayed:

Example from the Meal Ordering Module: “Example, Patient”

Results are now narrowed down on three choices. The search function only displays components available in the patient’s specific meal offer, Diet and Allergy compliances are taken into account. Just one click is all it takes to add the desired component to the meal order.

Example Overview

To structure the search result even better, the components displayed in the hit list are grouped by component groups to provide an optimized overview.

The following methods are available for selecting components:

  Mouse click on the component name
  Select a component with up or down arrows keys and hit “Enter” on your
✓  Or just hit “Enter” on your keyboard without selecting an item first to
     select the first component listed

This functionality allows the hospital staff to place the Patients preferred meal orders in a less time consuming and more convenient way.