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Menu Plan Print Enhancement

Print several weeks with page break per week

Are you spending a lot of time printing Menu Plans?

Businesses usually create their Menu Plans for a specific period – often a business quarter – well in advance. This means for example that for one quarter the Menu Plan Cycle contains 12-14 weeks. Previously, one individual printout had to be created for each Menu Plan week. Meaning up to 14 weeks had to be printed and the pages had to be merged to cover the whole quarter. This process look considerable time and could lead to mistakes or confusion.

How will the Menu Plan Print improvement affect your work?

It is now possible to define a Menu Plan Printout for a specific timeframe with page breaks on a weekly cycle basis which reflects the configured working week. This option facilitates the definition of settings for Menu Plan Print and greatly reduces time expenditure for printing

This feature pays off! Delegate the Menu Plan Print to the application and save valuable time for more important tasks.