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New Function “User Role” Assignment of User Rights

Rights-management now even more convenient

Please note:   The Role Management Module has been renamed to Department Management

Who can do what? And why?

User Rights are mainly assigned to Users by assigning a Department with predefined User Right settings. In addition, Users can be granted further Rights separately on an individual level.

However, some Companies, especially Companies with larger corporate units often want more extensive User Right management options – after all, the department can be too large at size to serve as a basis for User Right Assignments easily. And modifying Rights individually on User level can entail a huge amount of administrative effort when done for a large number of Users.

How can that be improved?

Therefore a new function “User Roles” has been implemented in Web Client, allowing an additional way to assign predefined User Right settings next to Department assignments. Now the assignment and management of User Rights is simplified significantly, especially for environments that use very finely graduated and individualized Rights assignments.

Overview new Function User Roles in Web Client
How does it work?

In addition to Departments the new function “User Roles” has been implemented, offering an additional way to predefine User Right settings. For example, a User can be assigned to the department “Kitchen” and also have the User Role “Purchaser” assigned.

They now have the User Rights granted both by the Department (“Kitchen”) and the User Role (“Purchaser”) assignment. A User can even have several User Roles at the same time. This simplifies the administration of Users with a wide range of tasks or cross-departmental areas of responsibility by a great deal.

User Roles Assigned
What is it good for?

With User Roles the need to manage single User Rights on User Level can be reduced significantly. By combining Department and User Role assignments suitable User Right ensembles for almost all use cases can be defined without having to manually assign single User Rights for a myriad of Users. This not only saves administrative effort, but can also help to improve the Overview over the set User Rights granted to the individual Users.


Key facts at a glance:

Greater flexibility in general User Rights assignment
More than one User Role per User possible
Rights management for Users with cross-departmental areas of responsibility simplified by a great deal