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New module for List Printing

Increase efficiency and handling of list printouts

Pen and paper? Still indispensable!

Digital processes have become an central part of our working lives, but end-to-end digitization is not always possible or practical: many working routines still use manual lists to record orders, prepare requisitions, etc., before they are later entered into a digital system. And these Lists have to be managed and printed out. Not only once, but often and at regular intervals.

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We not only aim at supporting our Customer’s processes, but also at simplifying them as much as possible. That’s why we implemented a brand new module just for printing Lists. It offers a convenient way to print Assortment Lists directly, no detour into List Management Module required.

In “List Print” it is only a matter of seconds to print Order and Requisition Lists. No need to open List Details one by one. Just select the List, the Layout and off you go.

Key points at a glance:

Data transfer between digital and analog data acquisition is simplified
Elimination of extra work steps due to streamlined process
Time-saving and simple processes eliminate sources of human error

That is not all!

On top of that we have also expanded our existing List Management module. No matter if it’s an Order List, a Waste List or any other type – they all now support multiple Printout Definitions. You can now use different layouts for different locations, even for the same Lists. This allows the special requirements of the individual locations to be better taken into account. For every type of list.

List print

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