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New Option for Special Instructions

Patients Service

A large number of hospitals use special instructions for Patient Meal delivery. These special instructions include information equipment needed for food intake, such as “drinking straw required” after jaw surgery. Other special instructions may be necessary for Patients that need help opening packets or cutting up their food. Special instructions can also be used for various other purposes (e.g. medical or financial information).

In previous Versions, special instructions were defined in a dedicated Component Group assigned to the respective food. However, in many cases, special instructions are recurring and a more optimized method to handle them is required. Therefore, we implemented a new feature where the users assign special instructions for a Patient in the “Supplements & Feed Request Management” pop up. It allows the users to enter instructions per Meal Time (similar to the existing logic for Supplements). Special instructions can also be interfaced.

Users there have the possibility to select a special instruction and mealtime and whether to apply them for all Days or individual days of the week. If required, further Notes can be added. It will also be possible to assign special instructions for a specific meal only (directly in the Room Service or Meal Order).

When a Special Instruction for a Patient and Meal exists, it will be printed automatically on the Tray Card or Room Service Ticket. It will also be displayed automatically in the Meal Order overview.

This new feature provides an option to define special instructions for patients in a centralized way, along with other existing meal additions such as supplements and feed requests. It also supports automatic assignment of special instructions via HL7 interface. It works seamlessly with the already existing logic of supplement and feed request ordering. The hospital staff will be able to use the same working method in a more streamlined workflow. It saves them time and effort through simple handling, whilst providing a greater Patient satisfaction.

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