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New Ownership Structure of Delegate Group as of 2021

Dear Customers and Business Partners

Back in August we announced a change in the management of Delegate Group, at which Johann Maierhofer and Thomas Frank temporarily took over the management tasks from Martin Knopp.

We have now come to a final solution that some of you might perceive as unconventional. However, we are deeply convinced that it will allow Delegate’s positive long-term and sustainable development.

Martin Knopp will return to Delegate’s management together with Markus Gruber and will fully take over operational management.

We were able to work out this solution with great support from Markus Gruber.  Within this framework, Martin Knopp and Markus Gruber will also bear personal entrepreneurial risk by taking over the majority shares of Delegate Technology GmbH and its subsidies. In future, they will handle all business of the Delegate brand by themselves. They will also provide or develop all services and functionalities required for their market presence. The shareholders of DELEGATE SOFTWARE AG will continue to operate their own businesses independently and under their own brands. DELEGATE SOFTWARE AG will retain a minority share, thereby demonstration their long-term trust in this solution.

This transaction will be carried out in several individual steps, planned until June 2021. Martin Knopp and Markus Gruber will take over operational management immediately; Management Board duties will be re-transferred to them during the next two weeks. Thomas Frank will remain the third managing director until implementation of the first transaction step on January 1st, 2021 as a transitional solution. He will no longer be responsible for operational tasks.