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New Requirement Module

News from Release 15.00

In the most recent Version of Delegate Web Client, an entirely new Requirements module has been implemented. The old module in previous versions only included Requirements arising from Menu Planning. However, the necessity to procure goods externally (via Purchase Order) or internally (via Issue Request) can also arise from other processes like Sales or Production. Therefore, the new module now offers options to handle Requirements from these sources:

– Menu Planning

– Central Production / Production Planning

– Issue Requests / Transfers

– Sales Order Processing


The new functionality enables you to sum up requirements from different sources and sort them by Delivery Date or Item, to create individualized Requirement Documents, to group Requirements and to include production planning. Orders can be sent to external Suppliers just as before, but now it is also possible to create Requirements from different sources and to combine them. This enables you to optimize your Requirement process and to adapt it perfectly to your business needs.