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Notification when Purchase Order sending was not successful

New Notification

During regular business days, Automation Scheduler sends out automated Orders for different Users about every 15 to 20 minutes. However, some Users may experience lower data transfer speed or other internet connection problems.

If, for example, a Vendor´s FTP-Server cannot be reached, Purchase Order sending will fail. As a consequence, the Purchase Order might stay in the waiting queue for a prolonged time. Our new E-mail notification option helps you to identify such cases and react timely to the problem.

When “Overdue Pending Order Notification” is configured for E-mail notifications of specified Users and Order sending is not successful, the Users will receive an E-mail with the respective warning. You can also configure a tolerance period for delays (e.g. Order stays 10 minutes in waiting queue). When that tolerance limit is exceeded, the notification will be triggered. It contains helpful information such as the Order Number, Vendor name, delay time information.

The Delegate Notification Center will also display a warning message for the assigned Users when they log in to Delegate Web Client if a pending Order tolerance period has elapsed.