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Notify Users about Invoices with Cash Discounts

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Never miss out on a discount again!

Our customers often have Cash Discount agreements with their Vendors. However, it occasionally happens that the incoming invoices aren’t approved on time. Consequently, the discount period has expired and the full amount has to be paid.

Our solution

In order to reduce the risk of missing discount periods, we have implemented an enhancement. Users can now be notified about suspended invoices from Vendors with cash discounts. These “Cash Discount Reminders” are displayed in the Notification panel and can also be sent as e-mail.

How it works

In previous versions, Payment Terms could only be created and edited in Thick Client. Now, the according Master Data Module “Payment Terms” has been created for the Web Client where the critical payment information can be specified and managed. It is possible to select standardized Payment Terms or to set up Special Payment Terms for the individual Vendor. When the Vendor sends an invoice and specific conditions apply for the invoice, it will be listed in “Cash Discount Reminder” Messages.

Overview Notification about Invoices with Cash Discounts

To give you the best overview, an information icon was added in the Invoice Module to see the Payment Conditions in Detail.

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