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Optimized Cost Of Sales calculation

Efficient and centralized handling of COS Calculation

Don’t shy away from COS setting modifications!

Imagine this: you intend to change a price setting, but you’re not sure whether changing the price definition in one place will affect all other relevant modules. Do the different Modules use different price settings? If such thoughts are familiar to you – stop worrying.


Increased efficiency and centralized handling of the COS calculation

COS calculation settings are now uniform across all the different modules. Products, Menu Plans and Transfers now all use the same average Price from Store.

We have additionally cleaned up the calculation settings in the Recipe Module. Newly added practical options make it easy for you to do Recipe Pre-calculations. Whether it is the Purchase Price, the Future Price or the Average Price – just click the desired option to apply.

But there is even more!

To ensure transparency at all times, manual changes to Average Prices and Last Purchase Prices can be tracked in the Control Table Log. You can see at first glance where changes were applied. It gives you the perfect overview and
mistakes that may have occurred can be investigated and fixed easily.

Last but not least, a new Automation Scheduler Job not only updates the Average Price in Stores, but also the Last Purchase Price of the Items. This maintains data consistency automatically; no manual user intervention is required.


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