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Option to Override general Meal Location Settings per Individual Meal

News from Release 15.10

In earlier Versions the Patient Administration Module already provided options to define a global setting for a meal location where the patients will usually be served their meals. It was also possible to define specific meal locations per weekday, for example when a patient would have their meals served in the Dining room every Friday.

However, in daily business it is often the case that Patients would prefer to change their meal location for a specific meal at short notice. Friends or family could be visiting and Patients will prefer to take their meals in private with them. Fine weather may motivate Patients to take their meal on the terrace or in the garden.

On the other hand, when they are not feeling particularly well, they may prefer to eat at the bedside. This presented a problem, in particular, if the meal order for the regular meal location had already been placed.

Therefore, we designed the new feature to allow for greater flexibility in meal delivery and to increase customer satisfaction. It has been implemented in the Meal Ordering modules to provide an option to override the Patient’s general meal location for individual meals.

By clicking on the ‘Question Mark’ icon, the Patient Meal Order information for an ordered meal can be modified. The ‘Meal Location’ hyperlink is now available to open a popup where the Meal Location can be set for the currently selected meal. Once the location was changed manually, a dedicated info text is displayed in the Patient’s meal order:

With the help of this immensely useful feature, you can now react timely on any short-notice changes in a Patient’s meal order delivery. You will significantly cut down on order cancellations and food waste as every delivery will find its target!