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Pioneering Work in the Field of Climate and Nutrition

Swiss Export Journal

Our Food Supply Chain triggers one third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. No advancement in transportation and no energy revolution has such potential to slow down global warming like awareness for smart food choices. The most effective solutions for complying with the Paris Climate Agreement are not in our garages or our heating systems – they are hidden in our refrigerators.


If we make well-planned choices selecting regional and seasonal foodstuffs, we can cut down these emissions by more than 50%. Altering our food consumption behaviour would be the best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to curb climate change by limiting the maximum temperature rise to plus 2 °C as defined in the Paris Climate Treaty.

In the latest issue of the “Swiss Export Journal” Manuel Klarmann (CEO Eaternity) reports about this groundbreaking work and mentions Delegate Technology GmbH  as the first Material Management System worldwide to be connected with Eaternity via CO2 interface. Click here to read the full article (in German).

.                                                   eaternity
We have been cooperating closely with our Swiss Partner Eaternity for about two years now with the goal to make an important contribution to their pioneering work. Eaternity’s goal is to identify the CO2 footprint of foodstuffs and thus make nutrition choices more transparent for the consumer.  CO2 values are calculated in real-time and are based on the recipes provided by our system.

Together, we have established an interface linking Eaternity with our Material Management System. It is already successfully operating with our customers. This integration enables our customers to display the CO2 footprint of foodstuffs directly in the menu plan, thus making a valuable contribution to society and providing increased transparency for their employees.

„Within 8 years, Eaternity has established the most comprehensive CO2 database in the world of nutrition. Today, Delegate exclusively provides the option to measure the sustainability of any Food Service Business by the click of a button and optimize it, if necessary.

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