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Predicted Quantities for Cost Center Orders

Optimization for Ordering Workflows

How will the Cost Center Ordering Process benefit from Predicted Quantities?

In many hospitals, some Service Units will provide catering (often as a buffet) in extra dining rooms where Patients who are not bedridden can consume their meals. These buffet components usually have to be ordered by Service Unit Staff Members. Which will rely on their experience when determining the amounts to be ordered.

Predicted Quantities are a great way to enhance this process. It allows you to calculate Predictive Plan Values based on orders delivered in the past, leading to reduced food wastage.

Ready to Optimize Your Process?

With our “Apply Calculated Order Quantity” option we provide a great tool for easier Cost Center Order planning. Cost Center Ordering now provides the option to calculate Predictive Plan Values based on orders placed and delivered in the past.

The greatest advantages of this feature:

Straightforward and simple usage, no additional efforts required
Fast and efficient planning without complicated order statistics analysis
Use exisiting historical data (quantities / products) to predict
    requirements Reduced Costs due to minimazation of Food Waste

Let’s do it!

Discover how fast and precise your planning can be when using already existing data. This new option in the ordering process saves valuable time that in turn can be dedicated to the Patients. Using statistic Sales Data of Cost Center Orders also allows your business to cut down on overproduction and still provide professional high-quality catering.

Check out our new Feature and discover the great potential of a data-based prediction process.