Delegate Patients Service

Delegate Patients Service

Mitigate Patient Risk

Malnutrition and anaphylactic incidents are prime risk elements in patient nutrition. With Delegate Patients Service these can be drastically reduced through:

  • – Patient specific Menu, based on Patients assigned
    • – Diets,
    • Allergies and
    • Medication.
Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients choose your hospital based on your Satisfaction Score. To be at the top of your food service game, with Delegate Patients Service you can:

  • – Provide more choice of the right food for your patient.
  • – Empower your patients to be part of the journey to get healthy. With
    • – patient self ordering,
    • – patient intake tracking,
    • – monitoring of nutritional goals.
  • – Increase quality time between your staff and the patient.
  • – Use Delegate Room Service for a better Patient experience without additional staff overhead.
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Streamline processes and focus your workforce

Food Service operations oftentimes have huge unused savings-potential. Spending your money wisely, with Delegate Patients Service you are able to:

  • – Control and optimize the complete food service process. Including
    • – purchasing goods,
    • – storage,
    • – production and
    • – feeding the patient.
  • – Optimize kitchen and service schedules.
  • – Negotiate with your suppliers based on real, proven numbers.
Reduce Malnutrition and Track Nutrient Intake

Optimal healing processes are tightly connected to optimal nutrition of your patients. To decrease re-admissions and average stay time, Delegate Patients Service offers:

  • – Ability to enter what Patient ate, providing immediate intake values.
  • – Patient can enter own Intake values via their own device.
  • – Compare Patients Intake vs Recommended daily intake.
  • – Increase Patients willingness to eat through Delegate Room Service.
  • – Ability to have tracked Intake sent back to the EMR/EHR/EPR.
Reduce waste, run a sustainable organization

Food Waste is a clear indicator of your potential to streamline operations, increase your organisation sustainability and decrease your ecological footprint. Delegate Patients Service makes sure that you:

  • – Reduce waste to improve and streamline your processes:
    • – reduce production cost,
    • – reduced order volumes,
    • – decrease excess CO2 production,
    • – minimize waste hauling fees and more.
  • – Reduced no. of call-backs and deliver the correct meal the first time!
  • – Decrease tray-waste by offering Delegate Room Service.
  • – Consider Likes and Dislikes for default meals, thus
    • – ensuring what Patients receive is more likely to be eaten.
  • – Forecasting minimizes over ordering with your Vendors
    • – with order request based on real production planning numbers.

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