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Re-ordering after Diet Change

Reliable and diet-compliance catering for patients at all times

Patient safety starts with the right food!

Patient safety is essential for any healthcare provider, so there are always different safety systems and strategies in place to prevent harm to patients. Nutrition and risk mitigation being the major topics here, which is why our software offers extensive settings and functions for optimum control. You now have a new option available to respond to short-term diet changes, because consuming the wrong type of food or missing out on a meal may cause serious risks for patients.

Key benefits at a glance:Feature21

– improved Patient safety
– free up personnel for other tasks
– Patient’s nutritional supply is ensured

Check for harmful components and …

In previous versions the system checked a patient’s orders for compliance with the new requirements in the event of a diet change. Then – depending on the setting – it cancelled the entire order (or problematic components only) in case of violation of the new diet. The order would then be re-completed by staff, but this tied up resources and meant another task for the personnel. Theoretically, there was even the possibility that a patient would not receive a meal at all because no one had taken care of the reordering.

… automatically replace removed meals and components

That’s why we’ve enhanced our software to not only remove non-suitable meals or components, but also to automatically replace them with new, diet appropriate ones. In the extended “Diet Change Settings” it is now possible to define in detail if and how already placed meal orders should be modified in case of diet changes. The selected logic is then applied not only in Web Client, but also to ORM (diet) message processing and, of course, it also affects meal orders made in Mobile Meal Ordering.

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