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Redesign of our Helpdesk Portal and Delegate Website

New Design

From time to time it is necessary that we revise and improve our products. This apply also to our helpdesk portal (customer portal) as well as for our website and therefore we have decided to revise both platforms in the next few weeks. There will be no fundamental revision but primarily a graphical improvement as well as a fine-tuning of our design.

With regard to our helpdesk portal, there will be an adjustment that will make the entire portal appear much smoother. We will replace the old design (Windows look), consisting of tiles, with a much lighter design. From a functional point of view, there will be no major changes and the existing and familiar processes will be kept. Mainly the dashboard and the alignment will be slightly changed/improved. In general, the design will be aligned according to our website in certain aspects to make sure everything meets our “corporate identity” standard.


Our website also gets a graphical revision of the icons, headers, footers and notifications as well as a small extension in our markets section. The goal is to refresh the existing website and to optimize it in certain places. There will be no major changes in the menu structure and therefore no restrictions in the usual navigation.

We wish our customers a lot of fun with the new design of our helpdesk portal and website.

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