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Redesign of Layouts in our Recipe and Item Module

Release Highlights 13.20

To achieve a clear arrangement the Layout of the Recipe- and Item Module has been redesigned. Fields have been merged to group boxes and arrangements. Below we will present the new redesign in Delegate myMMS and Patients Service of the Recipe Module (Overview and Detail) by showing the before and after pictures.

Overview of changes:
– Consistently using group boxes and arrangements on one screen
– More Logical grouping of fields in tabs
– New Buttons and Options
– Filter Options are arranged differently

In the Recipe Module the detail page has been reorganized:

EN_Recipe before
After (Web Client):
After (Patients Service):
New buttons are visible “Categories” and „Logos“ whilst a new tab “Additives” has been added. Also the „Audit Trail“ and “Check Price Quote” buttons have been removed with the user accessing those functions from the Top Menu Bar of the Recipe Detail Screen.

In tab „Ingredients“, you will find grouped boxes: “Recipe No.”, ”Short Name” and “Component Group” and the Checkbox “Menu Component”.

Boxes have also been rearranged in the „Production“ tab. These fields now contain the “Production Item“ where the user can create a Production Item. The Field “Options” contains “Use for Weighted Menu Item”, “Assign to new Diets” and “Premium Component” as well as the Conversion “Volume to Weight” and “Pre-Packed” which is mainly used for Delegate Patients Service.

In the Item Module the Overview has been reorganized:

The Overview Filters have been rearranged, with the top of the page in the Detail View reorganized.

In the top of the screen of the Detail View of the Item Module a new button “Logos” has been added and the “Audit Trail” button can now accessed from the Top Menu Bar in the Item Detail Screen. In tab “Edit Item” you will now find grouped boxes: “Short Name”, “Component Group”, “Menu Component” as well as “Barcode” and “Authorization Level”.

EN_Item after
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