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Registration of Participants in Mobile Inventory

News from Release 15.00

This new feature improves traceability as it is now possible to register which participants were involved in the stocktaking process in Mobile Inventory.

It provides an overview on who worked with the mobile recording device at what point in time.

If this feature is activated, each participant must enter their name and provide their signature via the new button before the Inventory is exported.

The names and signatures which were collected in this way can then be printed on the Inventory Preview in the Web Client so that at a later point in time, it will be possible to find out who was involved in an Inventory count in the past.

Another advantage is that the signatures of the participants can be captured during the stock count as well as in the end before the data export. For example, a situation might occur where one of the participants cannot be present until the stock count is finished.

It is then possible to record their signature during the stocktaking process, while the other participants can sign when it is finished.

This new functionality offers you simplified handling and administration and gives you a good overview on who participated in the stocktaking process.

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