Safety, Compliance & Satisfaction

With over 30 years of experience and international expertise, Delegate is the world’s most complete, most reliable food service software solutions provider, enabling its customers to provide healthy, sustainable and safe meals to guests and patients. And Monika and Delegate work together seamlessly!

With Delegate food-service-solutions, you can increase kitchen production performance, enhance guest experience and optimize your purchasing while providing  improved quality meals to your guests.

  1. Ensure guest safety – avoid allergy related incidents through providing dietary and allergy compliant meals. Safe guest = no incident management   = no negative reviews.
  2. Significantly reduce waste – Avoid up to 95% waste- through appropriate planning, forecasting and purchasing.
  3. Empower your staff –  Utilize your team to the best of their abilities, with fast to learn, easy to use processes..
  4. Improve guest satisfaction –  Whether it’s modern tablet / bed-side ordering, carbon-footprint, nutritional guidance or allergen compliance, your guests are always informed – and will love you for it.

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