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Restaurant competition reduces 19% of CO₂ emissions

Reduction of CO₂ emissions

Our partner Eaternity together with FehrAdvice & Partners had the opportunity to show what can already be done for climate protection in an impressive way during a energy research project in the city of Zurich.

Six staff restaurants in the city of Zurich competed against each other in a competition with the aim of reducing the consumed CO₂ values of the menus as much as possible. Eaternity investigated which measures of staff restaurants are particularly effective in reducing climate and environmental pollution. The restaurants independently took up to 25 different measures to reduce the average climate impact per main meal and to motivate their guests to choose particularly environmentally friendly menus. All companies reduced the CO₂ load per menu by 19% on average and were able to save around 9 tons of CO₂ during the 8-week competition. That is the same amount as 300 trees a year can save.

The winner of the competition, the ewz staff restaurant in Oerlikon, even achieved a reduction of 42 percent. The largest absolute reduction in terms of quantity was achieved by the police’s Lindehöfli staff restaurant with almost six tonnes at CO₂.

The guests were also satisfied, and more than a third of them were even more satisfied. Around 70 percent of the guests rated the project with the climate-friendly menus as good to very good. The measures were best received by the younger guests. Negative reactions were, with a 3 percent exception. The number of guests remained more or less constant or even increased.

The project shows that climate-friendly nutrition in staff restaurants is feasible with increasing guest satisfaction.

Here you will find the detailed final project report and a summary can be found here.
Find out how we can effectively, profitably and practically implement our pioneering achievements in climate protection.

The science programme “nano” (3sat) broadcasted a contribution to this competition at the end of January 2018 – see video here.

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