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Review – Digitalization in the canteen kitchen (March 2019)


On March the 28th, 2019 the symposium for digitization in the canteen kitchen took place in Leipzig. The Catering Management team organized a great event with a lot of interesting lectures in the Westin hotel.

We also attended the event as partners and exhibitors and gave a lecture together with our partner ventopay. Our joint presentation was not only about the interaction between our inventory management software and the ventopay POS system but also about the future of our market. We are researching and working on solutions that will be indispensable in the coming years in order to meet the requirements of canteen catering.

Among the speakers was our partner Eaternity, who talked about the integration and displaying of CO2 values together with our customer Apleona. Two years ago we created an interface to Eaternity and have been part of the pioneer work for CO2 reduction. The integration between the two systems gets the CO2 values per item in real time based on the menu plan. Therefore the CO2 values together with allergens and nutritional values can be easily labelled and displayed. 

This is mainly about transparency but also about raising consumers’ awareness. The consumption of meat and its production is a big environmental problem and so it is not sufficient to just label the CO2 values. At the same time it is important to focus more on the preparation of vegan and vegetarian dishes in order to offer table guests a tasty and varied alternative.

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