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Review of the event, Digitalization in the Canteen Kitchen.

Event News

This year’s symposium on digitization in the professional kitchen, which due to Corona was postponed from April, when it is usually held, took place on 17th September. Organized by the trade journal Catering Management, the event took place at Le Méridien in Nuremberg.

The suppliers that took part, in the event, were mainly from large-scale catering industries and from the areas of software solutions, equipment manufacturers, consultants and food suppliers.

Everyone, in attendance, agreed that we are in the middle of the digitalization process, which will lead to a sustainable structural change. This made Peter Leppelt’s keynote speech on the relevance of cyber security in times of digitization all the more exciting. Above all, the extent of the (in)voluntary disclosure of personal data raised the awareness of those present at this time.


Company Restaurants & digitization

Together with our partner ventopay, we were able to show how staff restaurants can use digitization to strengthen customer loyalty. This is a very important point, particularly in the challenging times of Corona. Guests are becoming more and more individual, using a wide variety of health apps that are designed to help them live healthier and more sustainably through nutrition and sports. Of course, employees expect this information in their professional environment and therefore employee restaurants are challenged.

Where does my food come from? What is the nutritional value of my meal? How high is the organic content? In order to be able to inform the guest about this, valid data is necessary, which can be automatically transmitted directly by the suppliers and manufacturers or imported into the Food Management System by uploading the Federal Food Bowl (BLS database). The data can be made available to the guest via various channels. Through PDF via direct mail, use of intranet or through the preparation of ventopay (digital signage) on screens and apps. Through digitally controlled bonus programs, ventopay already offers possibilities to bind employees more to the company’s catering services. An advantage not only for the guests, but also for the company restaurant and thus for the entire company. Employees stay in the company and go more into the exchange and invest in the existing business.

In the end, everyone agreed that digitalization is in full swing. Development cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, and those who are not willing to digitize existing processes or are reluctant to embrace innovations will have a hard time in the future.